About Us

Healing Naturally Since 2011

Since opening our doors, we have seen hundreds of patients and many families through pregnancy, post-partum care, and infancy. By working with families through the natural progression of life, we are able to fulfill our mission of creating healthier families, naturally.

About Edmonds Family Chiropractic

Edmonds Family Chiropractic was founded in 2011 by Dr. Matt So. Together with Dr. Denise So, Dr. Greg Bowers & Dr. Laura Minkoff, E.F.C. has cultivated a strong practice of functional wellness focused on creating healthy families. With a specialization in pregnancy and childhood care, we work with all stages of life to enable our customers to maintain an optimal brain-body connection, resulting in a fully active life without the need for prescription medication.

We believe in the power of the human body to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little adjustment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the body is a naturally healing, and functioning organism- Dr. Matt’s progression from chronic illness to natural healing through chiropractic showed him this health principle in action. We believe your body can heal itself in many circumstances, without the need for medication. Oftentimes, the modern “solution” to an issue is to simply mask the symptom, rather than address the root cause of an issue.

Chiropractic care is a natural way to get your body back to one-hundred percent. Adjustments allow you to maintain a proper body-brain connection, and enable your body to perform, and recover, optimally.

Chiropractic along with eating right, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle, allows the body to use its natural healing power to fix itself.


Check out the testimonials below from some of our clients

Quinn was concerned that her son would have another school year of ear infections during her pregnancy.  Check out her video and how Chiropractic helped her son and her stress.
Quinn & Everett
“Chiropractic care has allowed me better perform my military duties in preparation for deployment to Iraq. I’m now better able to do activities I enjoy such as running.”
Shalene B.
“Hi Dr. So, Thanks for keeping my neck, hips, back and all of the rest of me in tip top shape. I’ve felt so much better ever since coming to your office for adjustments.”
Lisa H.
“Matt So has given me outstanding support for my healing process. Thanks to him, the pain was minimal and my neck has healed properly from my car accident. His knowledge and expertise brought my neck and spine into tip-top shape and raised my overall energy level. Many thanks!”
Annette S.
“I first met Dr. So with acute pain in my lower back. Over the course of treatment, I started observing a reduction in pain not only that, the chiropractic care I received from Dr. So made me get back to hiking and all other outdoor activities.”
Sri P.
“Amazing, my neck feels so much better. The headaches are less! My back feels a lot better as well. I’m a gumby now! I feel like a person when I come here not just “another patient”. They know you by name and give a smile – makes all the difference.”